A Healthy Weight Program with No Shame.

We use personalized neuroscience and positive psychology to make healthy habits stick.

it’s been working for us and now we’re letting 300 people find out for themselves.

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What To Expect

You will get 3-6 text messages a week that link to fun visual quizzes and personalized videos. Think of them as therapeutic video nudges 



Reconnect with a sense of purpose to access your superhero self that gives you inner strength ⚡


How do advertisers get you to want crazy stuff? With the same tactics MotiSpark can give you so you have the energy to exercise, eat better, fall asleep faster...


Define what you want to do & when & use MotiSpark to inspire the action. BAM! 👟

What's in it for us?

We believe that everyone deserves the right to be healthy and happy. We want your help crafting a wellness program that can be helpful to anyone, no matter their background. As a participant, you will receive a survey to share your thoughts and feedback with us, helping us make healthy living fun and easy for all.

my.MotiSpark remains private and secure. None of your data or personal information is shared with us or anyone else.