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Meanwhile, please do Google searches on healthy food ideas, especially if you have food restrictions you need to follow. Get a plan going 🙂 Because “fail to plan, plan to fail.”

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TIP#1: buy healthy food & have it around you!!! Get stuff that won’t go rotten…HIDE the junk.

Because if it’s not easy, it’s too hard. And, the extra money you spend now on healthy food will save you money on healthcare costs and agony in the future.

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To get healthy food around you, here are some ideas:

1. Use online grocery delivery services for SHELF STABLE foods. So, stock your pantry with stuff that doesn’t go rotten.

For example, Thrive Market has a great selection of healthy foods, DELIVERS ANYWHERE, and has discounts food for Students, Teachers, Military, Veteran and people with low-incomes. We don’t get any money from them to say this…they don’t know who we are!And, even though they look fancy, their prices are indeed discounted.

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2. Know that we’re animals and we will eat whatever is in front of us (unless you’re some kind of self-discipline guru.) Don’t torture your instincts and leave junk food within reach…use shelf space like a grocery store…except put foods that you should eat in eye’s sight.

We’ll make you a Spark about this 🙂

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3. EAT good food. Enjoy each bite. This sounds silly, but if you stop and really try to taste each bit, you’ll actually eat less, enjoy it more and reach something like zen master state. (Ariel’s favorite mindhack, eat chocolate sloooowly savor it, each bite.)

We’ll make you a Spark about this :-)There are studies on the benefits of Mindful Eating.

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